We create Websites

The web is what we do; We take pride in building usable, beautiful, useful and Standards-based websites.

Get in touch and we can help you decide which combination of our services best suit your needs.

Online Strategy

We will work with you and your business to make sure you are making the most of your web presence.

  • Online strategy - We can help you establish the goals of your website, and identify how they can be realised.

  • Research - Internet technology is changing rapidly, let us leverage our extensive experience to research your idea for you.

  • Business requirements - Working with your stakeholders, we can assist you in identifying how your website can help you run your business.

Website Planning

We will take your website strategy and goals and turn them into a practical technical solution.

  • Solution design - Working with you to determine exactly how each feature on your website will function.

  • Interface design - Preparing the layout structure and determining how users will interact with your website.

  • Information architecture - Organising your information and navigation in a way that is most meaningful to your visitors.

Rapid Prototyping

A website prototype allows you to experience your website before it is fully built. By reviewing a prototype you can make informed decisions early in the design process, saving costs and delays down the track.

  • Wireframe diagrams - Wireframe diagrams help to illustrate what the screens and navigation of your website could look like.

  • HTML prototype - We can produce a navigable HTML prototype, which will demonstrate important interactive functionality of your website.


We believe that any website must be built with its users in mind. Our user centred design methodology extends to all aspects of design, however we offer a range of specific services to make your website as easy to use as possible.

  • Usability review - Following best practice guidelines, we conduct a detailed analysis to uncover potential problems that users might have.

  • User testing - A cycle of testing, evaluation and improvement of the interface with real users. We can recruit users based on your target audience to ensure we get accurate results.

  • User research - Defining your audience and what they will do on your website, as well as understanding what they think of your current website. This can lead to useful suggestions for new functionality and content.


We match stunning visuals with solid understanding of your brand values in every website we design.

  • Visual design - Through a process of research, discussion and revisions we will will create a look and feel that exceeds your expectations.

  • Brand values - We can help you to develop a brand identity for your website, or communicate your already established branding.


Once your site has been planned and designed, we can build it into a functional, stable and secure website.

  • Content management - Take control of your own website by being able to easily edit the information on your site. You'll need about as much technical knowledge as it takes to send an email, and by managing your website content yourself you'll save money in the long run.

  • Web-application development - If you have an idea for a website, we can make it happen. From community sites to e-commerce, we have the experience and expertise turn your idea into an effective website.

  • Content migration - We can transfer all the information from your old website, databases or documents to your new website.

  • Mobile support - Mobile web browsing is growing rapidly, make sure your website is providing a great experience for this exanding audience.

The benefits of our development approach include:

  • Standards based development - All sites we build follow Web Standards and comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0).

  • Automation - If a computer can do the work, let it. We automate our website features wherever possible, letting you focus on the important things.

  • Search Engine Optimisation - On every website we build we ensure that the code is optimised so that you gain the maximum amount of search engine traffic.

  • Writing for the web - Ensuring your content is written appropriately for online delivery, making it easily absorbed by your audience.


Once your website is online, we'll work with you to ensure your site remains as impressive as the day it was launched.

  • Training - After a short training session with our streamlined content management system you'll be able to maintain your site with ease.

  • Website maintenance - We can help keep your website current, as well as ensuring it is secure and well presented.


Using our reliable server infrastructure we will make your website available on the internet. Our hosting packages include a 99.9% uptime guarantee. More hosting information.